How to purchase free domain and hosting

Hello everyone, today we learn How to purchase free domain and hosting. When you are building your website, I recommend using WordPress.

WordPress allows you to create your website in easy ways. You don’t need to code languages to build your website. I am going to show you the entire details for How to purchase free domain and hosting

For WordPress, you need to host your website. So many web hosting companies provide you with hosting to host your website. In this blog, I tell you about Bluehost hosting. And I will tell you everything step by step.

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STEP-1 CHOOSE YOUR DOMAIN NAME (Free domain name with my Bluehost link )

For building a website, you first need your domain name. The domain name is the URL of your website. Try to take easy domain names. Let me clarify one thing once you purchased your domain name. The domain name can not change.


There are many server options where you can purchase your server and host your website. Here, I will tell you how to buy hosting from Bluehost.

I recommend you use Bluehost. Some websites are set up by account. And their customer support is outstanding. This hosting is helpful, especially for non-tech people like me, and their pricing starts at $2.95/ month, which you can’t beat.

Please go to my link to buy hosting.


Once you click on my URL, you will see a screen that looks like this. This is the Bluehost home page.

Click on the yellow button “ Get Started” or “WordPress Hosting.”

After clicking on the link, you will be open on the next page (Screenshot below). When you open through my link, you will get the price list. You can take hosting as per your budget, and you will get a free domain.

After choosing your plan, you will come to a screen that asks for a domain name. You continue with a domain name and without a domain name. It depends on you. Put your domain name on the left side of the box to get a free domain name through Bluehost if you have a domain name on the left chest.

On the next page, you will fill out your information.

When you come down to price options, if you drop down the “server terms” option, you pay 12, 24 and 36 months. According to the budget you can choose the plan which is suitable for you. If you cancel your account within 30 days, bluehost will refund your whole amount. So, it is a shallow risk.

Below, you will put in your credit card, and you are ready to go!

TA-DA! You have your Account!

Create your Account password. Here, we are ready to create the website. You will end up here.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you like it and this blog is informative.