Scala Hosting Review-2024

Scala Hosting is not famous but provides the best and cheapest Hosting. It offers effectively managed VPS hosting at the price of shared Hosting. Well, nearly. In this scale Hosting Review, We decided to try the service and see if it can beat the shared Hosting.

Scala hosting Review, is a term used to describe web hosting services consistent with the Scala programming language. Based on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Scala is a flexible programming language renowned for its scalability and concise syntax. Websites or programs built using Scala can be deployed and managed in environments supplied by Scala hosting providers.

Given that Scala is interoperable with Java frameworks and libraries, these hosting services usually additionally provide support for Java. Selecting an internet service provider that supports Scala guarantees an environment suitable for your applications if you collaborate on Scala-based projects.

This blog post introduces all the terms related to Scala Hosting to the users and describes all the frameworks and services provided by Scala Hosting to their users.

Scala Hosting Review-2024 About Scala Hosting 

Scala Hosting Review-2024

The objective of our company since its establishment in 2007 has been to make virtual private server hosting an accessible tool for developers, businesses, students, and large-scale teams to take advantage of in their attempts to create fantastic web pages. Thus, we put much work into keeping the cloud safe, flexible, and easy to use.

Scala Hosting provides various hosting packages, but their Managed Cloud VPS Hosting makes it unique. It lets you choose the cloud servers and set them to meet your specifications.

They also include your hosting plan with their in-house safety technology. In contrast, their team of experts takes care of all the technical elements of your hosting, including security, maintenance, software updates, etc. Thus, you don’t even need any technical expertise to get started!

Scala Hosting Overview 

Our company was established in 2008 with a cloud hosting business in US headquarters specializing in fully managed cloud VPS services. The company hopes to empower every website owner with a fully managed cloud VPS at the price of an ordinary shared hosting plan.

The most well-known accomplishments involve their exclusive association with for VPS hosting and the creation of SPanel, an in-house cPanel/WHM alternative. They offer host services in 32 more towns globally in addition to its native data centre infrastructure in the city of Dallas, New York City, and the EU due to their partnership with DigitalOcean and AWS.

Scala Hosting Testing Parameters 

Scala Hosting Testing Parameters 

For $9.95 per month, you can select a plan with 2 GB of RAM, 50 GB of SSD storage, and unlimited bandwidth. You can  utilize the following settings in addition to this:

  • American-based Apache Servers OceanWP theme (based on Components)
  • Exercise Program (based on Elementor)
  • Litespeed cache plugin with the default defaults
  • With Scala Hosting, there’s no integrated cache management solution. 
  • Their hosting options include Apache Web Servers installed by default. 
  • You may ask their technical staff to deploy Litespeed servers. 
  • After installation, this Litespeed cache plugin can be utilized on your plan. 
  • Consider, A2 Hosting, ChemiCloud, or StableHost if you want hosting using default Litespeed servers.

Scala Hosting User Interface 

  • Scala Hosting has an elegant, easy to use layout that is easy to navigate. An orderly organization across all of the settings and options. 
  • With just a single click, you may restart, shut down, or eliminate your server! You also receive support for over 25 languages! 
  • You get their customized panel, known as SPanel, as your control panel. 
  • From a visual and functional viewpoint, it appears to be quite like cPanel, and it could be an adequate replacement. 
  • The UI appears user-friendly enough for novices overall. However, HostArmada, A2 Hosting, ChemiCloud, or StableHost are hosts that offer cPanel-based hosting .
  • With just nine ms in the US (East) and 69 milliseconds in the Usa (West), Scala Hosting’s SRT is low in US regions due to its Usa servers.

When we reach Asian regions like Singapore (245 ms) or Mumbai (two hundred ms), it keeps becoming bigger. If you consider that the servers are situated in the US, the SRT in Bombay is still quite good overall. 

Your website’s speed is the amount of time it requires for the web browser to finish loading the page. 

Scala Hosting Uptime 

Scala Hosting guarantees an uptime of 99%. In the instance that they fall short of this requirement, acknowledgement for the period they were given is applied to the user accounts.

It indicates Cloudways hosting and for an unparalleled 100% uptime. 

Scala Hosting Load handling 

By default, Scala Hosting offers you with Apache servers. However, Litespeed servers can be activated by calling their customer support team. On both of their servers, you ran comprehensive load tests. 

Using the Apache Server by default

Just 934 requests were made in six minutes and thirty seconds by 50 virtual users, which were sent to the user’s website, which is hosted on Apache servers. Rejecting every other request resulted in a reduction in the total user number.

The system load on the user’s host panel immediately went to “Critical” as soon as you sent the simulated users! The standard Apache servers did an awful task of handling workloads overall. 

Even affordable hosting services like ChemiCloud, StableHost, and Hostinger perform much better, 

You can also switch to Litespeed servers and create fifty fake users to their website following that. In a period of six hours and thirty seconds, they made 2484 requests this time. The mean response time is 2951 ms, and 1207 requests were failed.

The average reaction time was an amazing 63 ms, and no HTTP failures were identified! The number of users was still restricted but the average speed of response was unified. 

Scala Hosting Cache Management 

Sadly, there is not a cache administration tool available with Scala Hosting. However, you can ask for the Litespeed servers to have them set up before you can use the Litespeed cache plugin. 

Scala Hosting Data Centres 

Scala Hosting provides data centers in Europe and the USA (New York and Dallas).

But it enables you complete authority of the site you want to use. Mumbai, an Indian city is one among the 13 data center locations accessible if you select AWS. In addition, you may select from eight distinct data centers, including one located in Bangalore, India, if you select DigitalOcean in.

Scala Hosting Domain Name 

For the first year, your hosting plan gets a free domain name. However only the following domain name extensions are included under this: org, info, eu, net, and com. 

These domain name generators might be useful if you’re having difficulty coming up with a name for your blog, website, or online business.

As a domain registrar, Scala Hosting additionally serves this role. These are the yearly expenses associated with registering well-known domain extensions using Scala Hosting. 

Domain transfers and renewals are based on the same fees. After the initial year, there are no additional fees to be required.

If you’d like to see how your website appears while connecting your domain to your hosting, you may utilize a temporary domain or preview URL. Unfortunately Scala Hosting does not offer this functionality. For this feature, you can look at FastComet, A2 Hosting, Cloudways, and Hostinger.

Scala Hosting Backups

Scala Hosting provides a fantastic range of backup options. You can quickly create private backups in the SPanel by selecting the Backups option. To create a backup, just click on it and choose which things, such as emails and databases, you want to leave out.  

Through Scala Hosting manual backups you can save your backups onto a remote FTP server, which is anything I thought was intriguing. In a crisis or an accident, this enhances the safety of your data.

In addition, Scala Hosting creates automatic backups that are easily selected to restore. Your data is stored in seven copies! However, the fact that you only receive one backup for free really upset me. It implies that you are limited to restoring a backup from the older

They demand an important fee to access older files. For example, keeping backups for the past day’s data costs $3 per month, while keeping backups for the last week costs $7. 

A great deal of other web hosting companies don’t charge a fee to download automatic backups and keep them for extended periods—from a to 30 days. 

 Scala Hosting ought to provide free backups for the last seven days at the very least. The backup options could be better, but the backup service is appropriate overall.

Scala Hosting Support 

Scala Hosting offers email assistance, live chat support, and a vast knowledge base with an abundance of valuable articles. They have a really quick and efficient live chat assistance . 

The staff was really helpful and polite, and the user’s inquiries were answered in a matter of minutes. Overall,  a really positive experience contacting their live chat!

Scala Hosting Security 

SSL Cert: To protect your domains and other subdomains that form an element of them, Let’sEncrypt offers them a free SSL certificate.

Two-factor authentication, or 2FA, protects your logins by creating one-time passcode codes (operational tasks) with authenticator applications like Authy or the Google Authenticator.

SpamAssassin: It constantly inserts the phrase “SPAM” to the subject line of any emails flagged as spam and filters out all junk mail that shows up in your spam folder. 

Their unique security is the solution to your website.

WordPress Manager: With just one click, you can install the WordPress platform, have updates installed for you, and secure your website built on WordPress with a safety lock.

ClamAV is an open-source antivirus application that detects viruses and other malicious applications. Your computer has the CSF Firewall configured to safeguard it. With this service, one can control the traffic on your server. Illegal logins are prevented via the Internet.

Scala Hosting  Inode count 

Like, Scala Hosting has no restrictions or restrictions on the number of inodes. As a consequence, you won’t be concerned about running out of room to keep as many documents, databases, and emails as you want.

CDN A worldwide network of servers placed at different locations is referred to as a content distribution network, or CDN. They cache your web material to increase the usability and speed of your online presence. 

Scala Hosting Pricing 

ou get the option of choosing a server from Scala Web Hosting, AWS, or DigitalOcean. Because AWS & DigitalOcean server prices are so expensive, many consumers use Scala Hosting servers rather. 

Plan Starter  Advance BusinessEnterprise 
Pricing $ 14.95 / month $ 32.95 / month $ 72.95 / month $ 152.95 / month 
RAM 4 GB 6 GB 10 GB 18 GB 
SSD 50 GB 80 GB 160 GB 320 GB 
BANDWIDTH UnmeteredUnmeteredUnmeteredUnmetered 
CPU Core 235

Scala Hosting accepts the following payment options: bank wire transfers, PayPal, and global debit and credit cards. 

Scala Hosting Refund policy 

Scala Hosting offers an ordinary 30-day money-back guarantee. The complete terms and conditions are provided on their portal . 

Scala Hosting Migration  

Website migrations aren’t limited in any manner whatsoever. You can freely migrate as many sites as you like to Spectra Hosting from other web providers! 

To start the process, simply get in touch with their technical support team and provide the credentials from your previous host. It will be easy to move your hosting to Scala Hosting. 

Scala Hosting Site builder 

You may generate a website from scratch or choose from hundreds of professional templates without the help of a website builder. Sadly, Scala Hosting excludes a site builder. However, HostArmada, ChemiCloud, and StableHost provide attractive & easy to use site managers.

Scala Hosting Site migrations 

Speaking of applications, the Softaculous app installer, allowing 1-click installation, is accessible via the SPanel. Over 400 web apps have been included within the library, including renowned blogging platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and others.

Scala Hosting Software Support 

Because Scala Hosting provides support for MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python, & NodeJS, it may be an appropriate option for software professionals.

Scala Hosting Staging

Scala Hosting backs website staging and can be performed through the Softaculous App Installer’s Installations tab. It allows you to copy the website to a different sub-domain. 

You can play with different themes, plugins, codes, and other elements on this local website. You can push the changes to the live website once you’re satisfied with them.  

Scala Hosting Pros 

The Scala Organizing SPanel is neat, organized, and easy to use. It can be a less expensive option to a hosting control panel and looks like it. 

With Scala Web Hosting, Apache servers are included by default. Request their support staff to add Litespeed servers to your plan for more excellent reliability.

You may experience faster speeds of less than 700 ms in the US because the servers are in the US region. However, in India, the speeds typically increase by over a second.

Scala Hosting Exceptional Uptime

 The results show that Scala Hosting has 99.99% uptime on the user’s website. Relative to most other well-known hosts, this is significantly better. 

 Scala Hosting comes with round-the-clock live chat support and is very useful. Their personnel were courteous, knowledgeable, and attentive to my questions. 

For complete user protection, it delivers an abundance of security features, like 2FA, SSL, SShield, SpamAssassin, CSF Firewall, ModSecurity, ClamAV malware Scanner, and 

Because it supports Python, MySQL, PHP, Perl, NodeJS, and other programming languages, it’s an amicable hosting choice for developers. 

Scala Hosting fails to perform well in the load test with the default Apache servers. It responds slowly and cannot handle vast quantities of requests.

It falls short of expectations even with Litespeed servers and cache plugins installed. 

Scala Hosting Cons 

  •  Scala Hosting does not come with a cache administration interface by default. You may employ the Litespeed cache plugin if your plan involves Litespeed server installation. 
  • Only the USA and Europe are their homes to their data centres. If they set up data centres in Asian countries like Singapore or India, that would be wonderful!
  • Their data centres are limited to the regions of Europe and the USA. Building data centres in Asian locations like Singapore or India would be great!
  • There’s only one free regular backup maintained. You are going to pay additional costs if you demand more backups.
  • The costliest of Scala Hosting’s Managed VPS plans starts at $14.95 per month. When you buy a three-year plan, the best savings are available. 

Scala Hosting Alternatives 


Based on five unmanaged web hosts—AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Linode, and Vultr—Cloudways is a renowned managed cloud hosting service. 

It offers easy options for scaling your server up or down, over 65 data centre locations, lightning-fast speeds, outstanding uptime and load handling capacities, and supportive customer service! 

It does not, however, come with email hosting. Likewise, if you scale your servers, the cost keeps going up. For DigitalOcean servers, weekly pricing plans start around $10. is a newly created web hosting provider. But it’s got every part you need for building a website. It uses the Cloudflare Enterprise CDN to ensure that your site performs much faster. 

Moreover, it offers an unrivalled 100% uptime, an intuitive solution backup, and excellent security and support features. However, it lacks email hosting, and for inexperienced bloggers, this hosting might be pretty costly. The monthly pricing plans for it start at $25. 

Who Should Use Scala Hosting 

Scala Hosting is an adequate option for new or low-traffic websites. Even though it boasts excellent uptime and speeds, it has a terrible capacity for handling burdens, and backups pay extra.

Regarding all of these factors, why invest money in a VPS hosting that can handle load successfully? Scala hosting is unable to manage load more than even shared hosting services.


Scala Hosting is a powerful SSD Cloud web hosting service that is a leading hosting service 

in hosting and managing multiple websites and several networking services. The blog post has covered all the information, such as speed, uptime, data centres, features tools, security updates, payment options, pricing and all the other essential features provided by Scala Hosting. 

If you are still using other web hosting services, switch to Scala Hosting and enjoy its multiple features with the best customer support and pricing plans.  

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