How to purchase Hostarmada Hosting

Hello everyone, Today we learned how to purchase Hostarmada Hosting. You get a free domain name with this hosting plan. If you are a beginner looking for affordable Hosting, You can purchase Hostarmada Hosting. They offer shared WordPress hosting for just $2.99.

Purchase Hostarmada Hosting

WordPress is the best hosting platform for newbies; whether you want to create your own website, write your own blog, or do not know anything technical, you can start using WordPress. You are building your website; I recommend using WordPress. WordPress allows you to create your website in easy ways. I will show you the details on how to purchase Hostarmada Hosting.

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When we create a site on WordPress, we require hosting. So many web hosting companies provide you with hosting to host your website. In this blog, I tell you about Hostarmada hosting. And I will tell you everything step by step.

There are lots of companies providing hosting. But in this blog, I will tell you How to purchase hosting and set up the site.

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Step 1- Choose your Plan

There are many server options where you can purchase your server and host your website. But Hostarmada provides an easy-to-use interface of their hosting server for all, whether you are a newbie or have knowledge.

For the beginning, we recommend the shared & and WordPress Plans because they offer all the features you need for an affordable price:

Hostarmada is a popular hosting provider that offers an extensive selection of plans, features, and tools to help users easily host their websites. HostArmada was established in 2019; in a short period, HostArmada has become the best choice and affordable web hosting provider.

If you are Newbie then I recommend hostarmad. Hostarmada hosting is helpful, especially for non-tech people like me, and their pricing starts at $2.49, which you can’t beat.

How to buy hosting and a domain name from Hostarmada

To buy hosting and a domain name from Hostarmada, head to the Hostarmda WordPress hosting page and click Get Start under the shared & wordpress hosting plan you want to purchase.

Hostarmada shared hosting plan

Hostarmada will now walk you through a series of steps you must complete before you can make a purchase.

  1. Create a new domain
  2. Select any package extras
  3. Enter basic information
  4. Create a password
  5. Choose billing cycle
  6. Enter your payment details
  7. Log into your new Hostarmada hosting account

Create a new Domain