A2 Hosting Review-2024

A2 Hosting Review-2024

A2 Hosting Review-2024, After exploring various hosting options for my website, I was searching for a reliable and versatile web hosting provider easy access for my users.

This blog post explores what A2 Hosting brings to the table. We aim to present a comprehensive review covering all aspects of their service. Whether considering a new website or changing hosting providers, this review provides the knowledge needed for an informed decision.

A standout feature of A2 Hosting is its commitment to reliability, offering a 99.9% uptime guarantee and making your website consistently accessible. This commitment is solidified by their anytime money-back guarantee, showcasing confidence in the quality of their services.

We will cover everything from A2 Hosting’s performance and pricing to the quality of their customer support. User experiences will be examined, and the pros and cons of their service will be discussed. Join us as we uncover the offerings of A2 Hosting in the subsequent sections of this review. Let’s embark on this journey to determine if A2 Hosting could be the perfect fit for your website hosting needs.

A Brief Overview of A2 Hosting Review 2024

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting, a significant figure in the web hosting industry, has been delivering exceptional hosting services since its inception in 2001. With a clientele ranging from novices just starting their digital journey to seasoned web admins managing multiple complex sites, This Hosting has proven its versatility and adaptability.

A2 Hosting is particularly acclaimed for its high-speed solutions. This is mainly attributed to their utilization of Solid State Drive (SSD) storage, which presents faster data access times than time-honoured hard drives. 

Additionally, they offer a whole Turbo Server option, equipping servers with even faster hosting rates. This focus on speed assures that websites hosted on A2 Hosting can provide a smooth and responsive user experience, a critical factor in visitor retention and conversion rates.

A2 Hosting 2024 Pros and Cons


Free SSL certificate, automatic backups, and site migration – This Hosting contains a free SSL certificate, automated backups, and site migration, improving your website’s safety and ease of handling.

Stress-free money-back guarantee – They offer a stress-free guarantee, equipping your investment with stability.

Speedy WordPress-Optimised servers – This Hosting offers speedy WordPress-optimised servers, assuring your website loads fast for a seamless user experience.

Unlimited SSD storage – They provide endless SSD storage, allowing you to store large amounts of data without fearing running out of space.

Competitively priced hosting plans – Their hosting plans are competitively priced, making them a reasonable choice for many users.


Uptime could be better – One area where This Hosting could enhance is their uptime, which could be better for securing constant website availability.

Outdated control panel – Their control panel is outdated, which might make users accustomed to more modern interfaces.

About Hostings and Pricing

Hostings and Pricing

Explore A2 Hosting’s Plans and Pricing to discover various hosting solutions tailored to your needs. From shared hosting to VPS and dedicated plans, A2 Hosting offers flexible pricing options without compromising performance and features. Whether you’re a newbie or a professional webmaster, A2 Hosting provides a scope of plans to suit every requirement and budget.

A2 Shared Hosting

A2 Shared Hosting

This Hosting differentiates itself by providing cost-effective shared hosting services and sharing server resources among users. 

The collection of offerings includes

  • complimentary email hosting,
  • SSL certificates for enhanced security 
  • a staging tool for secure website testing. 

A2 Hosting stands out with its commitment to infinite data transfers, no bandwidth constraints, and continuous support available around the clock. Users benefit from the freedom to choose their preferred data centre location, ensuring optimal loading speeds. 

Every plan incorporates a free A2 Website Builder for the swift creation of one-page sites and a user-friendly cPanel, streamlining site management for novices and experienced users.

This Hosting Shared Hosting Plans Overview:

Startup Plan – $1.99 per month (first year). One website, 100 GB storage.

Drive Plan – $3.99 per month. Multiple websites, unlimited storage.

Turbo Boost Plan – $5.99 per month. Turbo servers for 20x faster loads, enhanced response time, and advanced features.

Turbo Max Plan – $11.99 per month. Turbo Boost features 5x more resources, which is ideal for resource-intensive projects.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting

A2 Hosting is a premier VPS hosting provider, presenting various packages with flexible pricing options. 

Their VPS hosting comes in two categories: managed and unmanaged. 

Managed VPS hosting from A2, including features such as cPanel, automatic software updates, security patches, 24/7 support, free SSL certificates, the Imunify360 security suite, site migrations, and the CloudLinux OS. 

On the other hand, unmanaged VPS hosting places the responsibility of server management squarely on the user, providing a choice for those with the expertise and inclination to oversee their server configurations independently.

Here are the A2 Hosting Managed VPS configurations with their prices:

Lift 4 – $24.99 per month. 4 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD, 2 TB bandwidth, two vCPU cores.

Lift 8 – $34.99 monthly. Six vCPU cores, 8 GB RAM, 250 GB SSD, 3 TB bandwidth.

Lift 16 – $44.99 monthly: 8 vCPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 450 GB SSD, 4 TB bandwidth.

Mach 8 – $54.99 per month. Turbo features 8 GB RAM, 150 GB NVMe SSD, two vCPU cores, and 2 TB bandwidth.

Mach 16 – $64.99 per month. Turbo features 6 vCPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB NVMe SSD, and 3 TB bandwidth.

Mach 32 – $74.99 per month for the first three years. Turbo features 32 GB RAM, 450 GB NVMe SSD, eight vCPU cores, and 4 TB bandwidth.

Here are the available unmanaged VPS hosting configurations and their pricing:

Runway 1 – $4.99 per month. 1 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD, one vCPU core, 0.5 TB bandwidth.

Runway 2 – $5.99 monthly. 2 GB RAM, 75 GB SSD, two vCPU cores, 2 TB bandwidth.

Runway 4 – $7.99 per month. 4 GB RAM, four vCPU cores, 150 GB SSD, 3 TB bandwidth.

Supersonic 8 – $24.99 per month. Turbo features 8 GB RAM, 200 GB NVMe SSD, six vCPU cores, and 4 TB bandwidth.

Supersonic 16 – $44.99 per month. Eight vCPU cores, 16 GB RAM, 250 GB NVMe SSD, 6 TB bandwidth.

Supersonic 32 – $64.99 per month. 32 GB RAM, ten vCPU cores, 450 GB NVMe SSD, 8 TB bandwidth.

Managed vs Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

Managed vs Unmanaged WordPress Hosting

A2 Hosting provieds both unmanaged and managed WordPress plans. Unmanaged plans need users to maintain their WordPress site with extra features like site stage environments and JetPack support. Managed plans include turbo-optimized servers, an advanced Plesk control panel, and high-priority support. 

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A2 Hosting presents four unmanaged plans with functional server resources.

Run – $9.99 monthly, One site, 50 GB SSD, 4 GB RAM, Onsite daily backup, Jetpack free.

Jump – $16.99 monthly, Up to five sites, 250 GB NVMe SSD, 4 GB RAM, Onsite and offsite backup, Jetpack daily backups.

Fly – $26.99 monthly, unlimited sites, unlimited NVMe SSD, 8 GB RAM, Jetpack Security Daily, Daily Malware Scans.

Sell – $35.99 monthly, Premium Rapid SSL, traffic surge protection, pre-installed WooCommerce.

Other Web Hostings Plans

For those who prefer choices to WordPress, A2 Hosting advances its offerings with VPS, reseller, and dedicated hosting plans. The expanse of pricing possibilities caters to various needs:

Unmanaged Dedicated: Ranging from $79.99/month to $139.99/month.

Managed Dedicated: Priced between $79.99/month and $179.99/month.

Irrespective of the determined A2 Hosting plan, users can be assured that they receive substantial investment value. This becomes extremely evident when leveraging the advantages of discounts on long-term subscription plans.

Beyond pricing, A2 Hosting flatters itself on features that seriously improve its offerings. Whether it’s the swift implementation of Turbo servers, the convenience of free SSL certificates, or the security of constant site backups, A2 Hosting ensures a comprehensive suite of tools. This dedication to providing robust features aligns with the platform’s commitment to delivering hosting services and a complete and reliable hosting experience that resonates with users seeking excellence in performance, security, and affordability.

Hosting Performance and Uptime

A2 Hosting underlines Hosting Performance and Uptime, showcasing a robust 99.9% uptime warranty across all hosting packages. This security translates to a maximum of 45 minutes of acceptable monthly downtime.

Notably, any site experiencing over 0.1% downtime becomes eligible for equilibrium, with the possibility of a complimentary month of hosting after a considerable 21 hours.

A recent analysis demonstrates that A2 Hosting servers reached an excellent uptime of 99.957% over the last 30 days, overtaking their commendable five-year average of 99.908%.

The server’s version is underscored by its noteworthy moderate response time, reaching its peak at 689ms during less optimal periods.

While A2 Hosting complies with industry standards for website loading times by maintaining a two-second threshold, there is room for enhanced response times to elevate the user experience further.

A commitment to minimizing downtime and optimizing response times aligns with A2 Hosting’s dedication to providing reliable and efficient hosting services.

Continuous efforts to exceed industry benchmarks and their compensatory measures reinforce A2 Hosting’s position as a dependable choice for individuals and businesses seeking high-performance hosting solutions focusing on uptime reliability.

A2Hosting Features

A2 Hosting offers powerful features for web hosting, catering to both WordPress site owners and professionals. Their ‘developer-friendly hosting’ supports multiple development frameworks and programming languages, making it easy to set up and use.

1. Free SSL Certificate

Assuring secured associations is vital for online interactions. SSL certificates are pivotal in verifying a site’s identity and encrypting data for secure transmission to users’ web browsers.

When you choose A2 Hosting for your website, this worry is alleviated. Every A2 hosting plan automatically incorporates a free SSL certificate, fostering a secure online environment.

Moreover, certain subscriptions go a step further by offering premium SSL options, such as the robust RapidSSL, enhancing

2. Security Feature of A2Hosting

Security at A2 Hosting is a top emphasis, manifested by their SSL Certificate offerings, including free, wildcard, and multifarious other options. The recognizable SSL Certificates logo signifies a commitment to secure connections.

A2 Hosting also employs OpenVPN, a robust and highly flexible tunnelling solution, ensuring powerful encryption for data transfer.

Moreover, their industry-leading Reinforced Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection adds a layer of defence against potential threats, solidifying A2 Hosting as a reliable choice for those prioritizing the security of their online presence.

3. Customer Support

A2 Hosting offers a 24/7 technical support team for any questions or concerns. They can be contacted via phone, live chat, or email.

A2 Hosting, customer support is not just a service; it’s a commitment. We desire to exceed your expectations, delivering the service you need to maximise your hosting experience.

A2 Hosting’s extensive knowledge base aids in hosting, developing, and maintaining websites and resolves issues with hosting accounts.

They also assist with free site transfers from competing hosting providers, requiring a request from the support team.

4. Backup Feature of A2Hosting

A2 Hosting offers reasonable security features but a weak backup policy. Despite offering free automatic backups, the policy doesn’t guarantee that all files will be backed up.

A2 hosting provides the safety of your website with its robust backup feature. With the easy one-click, you can effortlessly get your backup.
Our backup system is designed for reliability and ease, safeguarding your valuable content. Trust A2 Hosting to keep your data protected and accessible whenever needed, ensuring a seamless and worry-free hosting experience.

The 50GB backup limit is sufficient for most website owners, but it’s recommended to download and keep cPanel backups on your computer.

A2 Hosting aims to attract big businesses with robust security features but could improve its automated backup policy.


In conclusion, A2 Hosting is a reliable and versatile web hosting provider, offering various hosting solutions catering to diverse needs.

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With a commitment to performance, security, and user-friendly features, A2 Hosting has earned its reputation in the hosting industry. From shared hosting to VPS and dedicated plans, their flexible pricing ensures accessibility for users of all levels.

With an outstanding uptime guarantee, efficient customer support, and innovative features like Turbo servers, A2 Hosting is a compelling choice for individuals and businesses seeking reliable, high-performance hosting services.

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